Most people get confused as to what is healthy and what is not. This causes them to get frustrated and give up. 

To avoid this frustration, just use the easy to follow healthy eating food list. 

Food GroupGood (Eat More of This)Bad (limit to once in a while)
FatsCanola Oil & Spray ( in moderation)Butter
Extra V. Olive Oil & Spray(in moderation)Cream
Fish OilIce Cream
Flaxseed OilMargarine
AvocadoesFried.... Anything
Nuts(in moderation)
ProteinsFish - Salmon, Mahi Mahi, and TunaPoultry - Chicken(Dark Meat or Skin on)
Shellfish - Shrimp, CrabBeef - Heavily Marbled
Poultry - Chicken Breast (skinless) or ground, Turkey(ground)Ground Beef(Less than 90% lean)
Filet Mignon , Flank SteakWhole Milk
Lean Ground Beef(90% lean or more)Chesses (heavy cream)
Pork Loin , VenisonFried... Anything
Cottage Cheese (1 or 2%)
CarbohydratesBreads - Pumpernickel, Rye, Whole GrainBreads - White, Potato, Refined
Cereals - Kashi, oatmeal(no sugar added)White Rice
Starches - Brown Rice, Couscous, Quinoa,Whole Wheat Pasta, Sweet Potatoes, YamsBaked Goods - Muffins, Cake, Cookies, Doughnuts, Most English Muffins
Green Vegetables - Raw, Steamed, Sauteed

Peppers, Tomatoes, Mushrooms
Sugary Cereals
Fruit - Fresh (limit 2 - 3 per day)Ice Cream
Granola Bars, Potatos Chips
Creamy Salads - Pasta and Potato Salad
CondimentsBalsmic VinegarMayonnaise
Cayenne PepperRegular Salad Dressing
Garlic, Herbs, SpicesSugar
Horseradish, HummusSyrup
Mustard, Pesto, F. Free or Low Fat DressingMiracle Whip
Ketchup (limit), BBQ Sauce(limit)
Tea (hot or cold)
Diet Soft Drinks(limit to 1 per day)